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Are you ready to bundle?

Then stop bundling your products manually!  


Instead use our time- and effort sparing binding machines!

All our machines are featured with the automatic knot-releasing-system which has proven itself for years in multiple branches. 



Made in Holland

made in holland

The in-house production in Zwolle results in a continue control on quality and reliability.

All machines are thoroughly tested with 2.000 test tying’s before leaving our production. Only when they succeed this test without any error the machines will be sent to our customers. In case of an error the test starts again until the machine bundles 2.000 times faultlessly.


Speed, security and seamless working


Our bundling machines vary in price as well as in functionality. The best known machines in the industry are the Cyklop AXRO-FQC2 and the budget model Cyklop AXRO2Basic. These machines are suitable for small products that should be usually bundled with an elastic string by hand.


AXRO-FQC-2 dichtbij lenteui

Great variety


In addition to our standard product range we offer machines that can bundle irregular shaped products like cables for the automotive industries (AXRO-IN) or products used in the copper and flower industry.

For bundling big products like sunflowers or branches the AXRO-MD35/60 and the AXRO-MD35/60XL are the perfect solution. Their maximum feed-through-height is up to 300mm. 


Movie bundling machines

When you click on the video here, you will visit our YouTube channel. It displays our complete product range of bundling machines.

Video elastiekbindersMovie bundling machines




It is also possible to integrate our bundling machines in an automatic line. The bundling will start automatically by using a Top-Switch, photocel, PLC or table switch.



Cylastic (elastic tying machines)

Naturally we also offer high quality elastic cord for bundling various products, like (cut) flowers, bouquets, leeks, profiles, laths of wood, small sized printed matters and numerous semi-manufactured products. Also bundling products for internal transport and temporary storage, elastic cord is a justified and economical method.

Cylastic is the best and most effective elastic cord for all your automatic equipment. This elastic cord is selected on its quality which is controlled by hi-tech test-equipment. We offer it with one or three rubber cores depending on the weight of the product.  Three rubber cores ensure a high tensile strength, while the advantages of an elastic bundling material remain.

Besides Cyklop offers elastic cord which can be used in the food industry. 

Elastiek alle kleuren 3K zichtbaar


Strepper (for elastic band machine)

For our elastic band machine (elastobinder) we offer streppers which are made of synthetic rubber and can bundle different products like seafood, asparagus and towels. 


Cyklop Strepper